Testing of a new turbine blade design and blade materials

Principal Investigators:

Ryan Church, BiomeRenewables Inc. & Sue Molloy, Glas Ocean Consulting Ltd.

Start Date: July 2018

End Date: May 2019

The tidal industry is currently going through a maturity phase, where a wide variety of technologies are currently being trialled and deployed around the world. Unlike other more mature industries like wind and hydro, the tidal industry has not set upon a standardized optimal mechanism to extract power from tidal currents. Some of these technologies have evolved from other industries – the ‘underwater wind turbine’ being a good example of this, while others have not survived the harsh conditions of the tidal environment. This project aims to use the Aquatron to test and demonstrate the potential of a new hydrokinetic design retrofit, known as PowerConeTM, on loads, cavitation, and performance, when compared to a baseline Schottel turbine; and, to demonstrate the potential of combining both material and geometry advances to develop a more robust turbine with higher performance. The project is a proof-of-concept trial that will lay the groundwork for future studies at a larger scale.