Travel Guidelines


Modest travel costs are eligible for support for most OERA funding programs. Prior to commencing proposal preparation, it is recommended that prospective applicants check the funding program criteria and guidelines to determine if/where travel costs are allowable.

For those funding programs with provision for modest travel, proponents may use the following as a guideline to cost out the travel budget category, when preparing their proposal application.

Eligible Travel Costs 

  • Economy airfare
  • Modest hotel accommodations
  • Reasonable meal per diems
  • Land transportation (eg. taxis, buses, car rental, mileage, toll road fees etc.)
  • Incidentals (eg. parking,)

 Ineligible Travel Costs 

  • Alcoholic beverages;
  • Entertainment – in room movies, concerts, museums, etc;
  • Payment of fines for traffic violations;
  • Damage to vehicles;
  • Lost or stolen articles;
  • Laundry, dry cleaning services;
  • Credit card costs including finance charges and usage fees; and
  • Cell phone fees and charges.

*Please note: The above list of ineligible expenses is not considered exhaustive. As a general rule, the OERA will not cover travel costs considered unreasonable or extraneous to the project work.


 Travel related costs for approved projects are to be detailed by the proponent in the budget summary section for all interim and final reports. Such costs are reimbursed as part of the interim or installment payments dispersed at different times throughout the project period. Or for final reports, are included in the holdback payment.   Any travels costs detailed in the budget summary that are unexpected and/or outside the scope of the original project scope of work, will not be paid.

The OERA does not provide additional funding for any new travel that falls outside of the original project scope of work. Rather, should additional (modest) travel plans be necessary, a reallocation of funds between budget categories is acceptable, granted prior approval is received from the OERA before the new travel event. For any budget reallocations, the proponent is to complete the Project Change Form included in their Agreement.