RFP - Stimulating Offshore Wind Development in Nova Scotia - CLOSED

This RFP is now CLOSED.

Offshore wind (OSW) is developing into a technology that is used extensively around the world to support the achievement of challenging GHG emission mitigation targets. The United States are forecast to add a significant amount of OSW capacity in the next decade. If Nova Scotia developed OSW in its coastal waters, it would compete for investment against these jurisdictions. Naturally, investors often select locations with minimized investment risks. It is important for the Province to understand what economic and policy conditions could minimize investor risk and be used to attract investment in Nova Scotian OSW developments. OERA proposes a report that (1) summarizes the policy and economic conditions in competing jurisdictions that have experienced OSW investments, (2) describes the economic and policy conditions required to attract OSW investment to Nova Scotia and (3) identifies a feasible timeline for OSW investment in Nova Scotia

Details for this request for proposals and information on how to submit your proposal are in the below PDF.

Sven Scholtysik, Research Manager

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